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Here at the Bury St Edmunds chiropractic clinic we know that additional support between appointments or after treatment has finished, can help keep you in the best health. We have a range of supports, pillows, orthotics and cushions stocked in the clinic, that we feel offer the best value for money and may help keep you well long after your visit with us is over.

Superfeet Orthotics

Is your back problem coming from your feet?

In many circumstances the improvements made to your spinal health can only be maintained by changes to the way your feet are supported in your shoes. Here at the clinic we believe that in those circumstances, the wide range of sizes, consistency, length and shape of the Superfeet range, make them the off-the-shelf orthotic of choice. The unique Superfeet insole shape compensates for hard surfaces and adapts the two-dimensional midsoles built into today’s shoes for a better fit in your own shoe. Let your chiropractor guide you through your choice from our Superfeet stock and then allow you to try them out before committing to them.

Let us put you “back on your feet”.

  • Wide range
  • Stabilises the foot for support and comfort
  • Provides a firm foundation for the rest of the body
We offer this service to our patients at a discounted rate so contact us.


Not sleeping well? Restless at night? Is it your pillow?

Sleep is one of the most important times where the body can rejuvenate and repair itself. If you are finding it difficult to sleep maybe the use of a supportive pillow will help you gain restful and undisturbed nights. Your chiropractor can advise you on the correct positioning and help you to choose a pillow to help. We stock different types of pillow for you to try and decide what works for you best.

  • The Harley pillow – moulded from cold cast polyurethane foam to offer added support
  • The Harley Designer pillow – moulded shape together with the pressure relieving properties of memory foam
  • The Sissel® pillow – moulded from polyurethane foam, which has a high support capacity.
We offer these pillows to our patients at a discounted rate so contact us.

Seat Wedges

It is important, when sitting for long periods of time, to prevent slouching so your chiropractor may advise dropping the knee below the level of the hip to place the spine and pelvis in a much better position when at work, in the car or even just sitting at the kitchen table. Rather than invest in expensive replacement chairs why not consider a seat wedge. Here at the Bury St Edmunds Chiropractic Clinic we stock a range of types and sizes of seat wedges for you to try and then purchase should you find them useful.

  • Harley Slimline wedge – an 8° wedge of resilient foam bonded to a topping of visco-elastic memory foam
  • Harley 11° wedge – an 11° wedge supporting the spine in the optimum position.
  • Harley Coccyx wedge – in either 8° or 11° with a cut out relieving pressure on the coccyx
We offer these wedges to our patients at a discounted rate so contact us.

Back Supports

When a cushion just won’t do…

Your chiropractor can advise you on what you need to support your back in your car or in your armchair at home. We stock and can supply a range of back support cushions to suit you.

  • Putnams Superest – a foam cushion with shaped sides to hold the overtaxed lateral muscles, giving double the support of any ordinary lumbar cushion
  • Harley Designer Spine support – a foam cushion that provides maximum comfort as it adjusts to the natural curve of the spine.
We offer these supports to our patients at a discounted rate so contact us.